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I have been experimenting with the Bing Ads Intelligence Addin for Excel lately and find that in addition to Keyword analysis for SEO, it can also provide excellent insights into customer trends and demographics. There are two Addins that I used with Excel to obtain the data:


1.       Twitter Analytics Addin for Excel 2013


2.      Bing Ads Intelligence


I decided to run this analysis for the French Consumer Goods company Danone and specifically for a few of their brands: Activia, Evian, Volvic, Dumex and Nutricia. The first step was to run the Twitter Query using the Analytics for Twitter Addin for Excel. Using this, I generated a dashboard that showed twitter activity for the brands over the last few days:




From the chart, I can tell that Evian got a bit of spike on the 8th of November. Based on the details in the twitter feed, it appears that it could have been the football game between Evian & Monaco that generated that spike. I filtered the hashtags to remove all tweets that showed football or Monaco and it was immediately apparent that the bulk of the spike was football related.  The Twitter Analytics tool also enables me to view the twitter information in a map using Power View for Excel. In this case, I highlighted the tweets about Dumex to see places in the world where it was tweeted in the past few days.




The reds on the map indicate tweets for Dumex with large concentrations in West Africa, South Asia and New Zealand. Whats interesting about analyzing twitter data is the real-time nature of the insights and is great of gathering intelligence about brand sentiment and activity as it is happening now. This data is very current and shows twitter activity around the brand that may be reflecting news, campaigns or events related to the brands. By twitter activity, Evian seems to be the highest with Activia and Volvic following in 2nd and 3rd place.




Looking at the sentiment information from the tweets, I see that the most positive sentiment is around the Dumex brand followed by Volvic and then Evian.




I used the Excel template that comes along with the Twitter Analytics for Excel 2013 Addin to import the twitter data for November 7 to November 14 2013. Once the data was pulled into Power Pivot in Excel as a modular table, I noticed that it had pulled down about 27000 tweets across the 7 days related to the Danone brands. I then decided to use the Bing Ads Intelligence Addin to look at historic data and search trends for these brands. Using Bing Ads Intelligence I was able to get detailed information about search trends for the brands from Jan 1 2011 to October 2013. Search data indicated the Activia had more search queries than Evian over this time period:




Drilling down into the Search data, revealed that for almost all the brands, females were the higher demographic with the exception of Nutirica where it was really close with males leas\ding by a small percentage.




Further analysis of the brands by age group indicated that Dumex (baby nutrition) was #1 among the 25-34 demographic followed by Volvic. For the 65+ demographic, the most popular brands appears to be Activia followed by Volvic. For the 35-49 age group, the most popular brand is Nutricia followed by Volvic. An obvious indicator in the results is the absence of the 65+ age group in the search for Dumex.




I placed all of the metrics on a single Power View dashboard so that I could interactively view and drill into specific brands and demographics:




In order to enable viewing the brand information across the twitter results and search results, I connected the tables returned from the Twitter Analytics Query and the Bing Ads Intelligence Query using the Diagram View in Power Pivot for Excel






Using Power Map for Excel, I was able to visualize the twitter data and the distribution of the tweets related to the brands around the world. This used the geospatial data from the tweets.




I then layered on historic search trend data on top on this to see the popularity of specific brands in different areas. For instance this visualization in Power Map for Excel shows that Activia followed by Evian were the most searched brands from 2011 to 2013 in France.




When I drill down into the search results at a city level, it shows me the distribution of the search terms across different cities in France with Searches for Evian spread across France but search for Activia primarily in the northern part of France.




From a real time perspective, you also notice that the purple dots indicate twitter activity for Evian being prominent across France.


Excel along with the Twitter Analytics Addin, Bing Intelligence Addin, Power Query and Power Pivot enables you to import data from various sources and mash the data together to gain interesting insights using the Visualization tools within Excel like Power View and Power Map. Another layer that I usually pull in is Census data to correlate all of this to demographic information of people in specific geographies. I obtained demographic data for the US from Neustar and Demographic data for Paris from I used Power Query to import the data into excel to build out by story using the layers of information from these sources and to be able to tell a story about the patterns, behaviors and correlations between the data points and to get better customer insights. Here is the final story built out as a video generated using Power Map:


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  1. Deniz says:

    Thank you very much for the detailed information. It helps me a lot. Please keep up the good work. Question: How did you make the video exactly?

  2. S h i S h says:

    the video was created using Power Map for Excel. It has an option to generate a video.

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