Customer Insights with Bing Search Trends using Excel & PowerBI

Bing Ads Intelligence is an Excel add-in that helps you perform sophisticated keyword research and observe keyword performance on the Yahoo! Bing Network. You can install the Addin via this LINK. As we approach the holiday season, Retailers can gain a lot of insight from Search Trend information. For instance, an Outdoor Gear Retailer can get insights from Search Data that tells them specific demographics of people looking for specific kinds of outdoor activity.


Another interesting aspect of this data is that it shows me how specific search terms vary over time and what activities have the most popularity at a specific time of year.


Visualizing the data using Power Map shows me that in Los Angeles, Hiking, is by far, the most popular search term followed by biking.


On the other hand if I zoom in to Dallas, I notice that Biking is more popular than Hiking:


Using the Bing Ads Intelligence Addin for Excel and PowerBI, there are insights that you can get from search trends and make interesting discoveries and learn interesting patterns.


1. Bing Ads Intelligence

2. Power BI

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