Creating Mobile Retail Store Feedback Forms using SkyDrive, Excel, QR Codes, NFC Tags

This is an experiment that I tried with some of the capabilities of Skydrive Survey Forms and QR Codes or NFC. The goal was to create a mobile feedback form that could be loaded either by tapping an NFC tag or scanning a QR code. To create the form I used the Excel Survey Form feature in Skydrive:


Here is a link on details on how to create Excel Surveys using Skydrive

I used my SkyDrive account, created an Excel Survey and used the wizard to populate the questions for the form.  


Once the survey form was created, I generated a short url for the share. You can see my sample at

The next step was to create an easy way to enable users to bring up the form on their mobile device. For this I used two options: QR Code and NFC. For generating the QR code, I went to and generated a Microsoft 2D Tag for the URL.

Here is a link on details on how to create QR Codes or Microsoft Tags

This is what I generated: (Go ahead and scan it with your phone)


I also generated a QR Code that could be used by customers with QR Code readers: (Go ahead and scan it with your phone)


And finally to enable phones with NFC, to be able to tap and load the form, I used the Nokia NFC Writer App on the Nokia 920 to enable an NFC Tag with the URL.

This is a really simple way to generate mobile feedback forms, survey forms using Microsoft technology.

The survey results can be viewed at 

The results use Excel Spreadsheets and you can customize how the results are displayed using the visualization capabilities in Excel.

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