How 3D Printers can impact Retail

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printing is achieved using additive processes, where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material.

With the possibility of 3D printers becoming more accessible we could potentially be looking at a similar trend that is happening today with music and books for other small products that can be purchased digitally, downloaded and printed at home.

The possibilities can include gears, wheels, knobs, small tools and several other small products…the possibilities are endless. You could design and print your own shoes, for instance. Once this concept catches on, the price of the technology drops and a variety of material is supported, we could be seeing a new kind of Kindle revolution.

Here are some examples of products created using 3D Printing:

Print Chocolates
A 3D printer that uses chocolate has been developed by University of Exeter researchers - and it prints layers of chocolate instead of ink or plastic. This opens up the possibility of a much wider participation, much fuller participation for the consumer in the production process, a process known as co-creation, where the consumer is fully part of the design process.
Print Bra’s 
This is an interesting concept of designing, downloading and printing clothing products using 3D Printers.  That’s the idea behind
Continuum Fashion’s N12 bikini. This concept can easily apply to clothing accessories and jewelry as well.  
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