Visualizing Data with PivotViewer

PivotViewer makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data on the web in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun. By visualizing thousands of related items at once, users can see trends and patterns that would be hidden when looking at one item at a time.

Because PivotViewer leverages Deep Zoom, it displays full, high-resolution content without long load times, while the animations and natural transitions provide context and prevent users from feeling overwhelmed by large quantities of information. This simple, inviting interaction model encourages exploration and longer audience engagement times, and applies broadly to a variety of content types.

Some Examples of sites using PivotViewer:

To get started building your own,here are some resources:

·         Tools for Creating PivotViewer Collections:

·         Download Microsoft Silverlight PivotViewer:

·         Working with Silverlight PivotViewer

·         PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services

·         PivotViewer for Sharepoint

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