Instant Feedback with Mobile Forms & Microsoft Tag

I have been looking for ways of finding alternatives to paper forms for signups, surveys and feedback. Digital alternatives for these forms would improve efficiencies for many businesses including retail, restaurants, hotels and schools. Digital forms are an effective way to eliminate the paper and most effective if they can be accessed using the customers personal mobile devices. I wanted a solution that was free, could be used on any mobile device and could be accessed quickly. For this, I looked at 2 solutions:

To build a custom feedback form you would need to create a business application using office live. Business Applications can be customized to meet your business needs. You can use the Document Manager and Team Workspace applications that are automatically added to your account and create your own custom applications based on these two applications.

For creating the custom form you would need to add a custom list to the application. You can add a custom list to almost any application, including Team Workspace and Document Manager, the two applications that are already added to you account when you start using Business Applications. For more details on creating applications and lists see LINK

You can now create a custom form. See this link for tips on creating form: LINK

Once this is done, you can enable quick access to the form from mobile phones using Microsoft Tag. To create a free Microsoft Tag, go to: LINK

I am looking forward to create an Office 365 version of this as well.

Scenarios this can apply for:

  1. Instant Feedback and Survey forms in Stores, Restaurants and other businesses
  2. Volunteer Signup forms
  3. Survey Forms'

Looking for your ideas and comments.


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