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Video: The future of mobile devices by Intel and Microsoft

Forrester Forecast: Online Retail Sales Will Grow To $250 Billion By 2014

Video: Coca-Cola Enterprise migrates to Microsoft Online Services

Video:The New Retail Efficiency

RT @5h15h: employees at Microsoft are the most social media-savvy in the world

Another example that consumers will build their own channels - retailers need to constantly adapt -

Video: Database in the Cloud

Mobile Workforce Scheduler from Kronos

With Windows Phone 7 retailers should see more reasons to leverage mobile opps

mobile point of sale with the Mobile Payment Module with Chip and PIN attachment for Motorola’s MC70/75

awesome Powerpivot Analysis of Retailer Overlaps:

Restaurant Chain Outback Steakhouse Boosts Guest Loyalty with Social Networking and Cloud Computing

Retail Idea for use microsoft tag to enable customers to enter feedback while in store

Retail Idea for use microsoft tag on store shelves to enable customers to order item online if out of stock

download: The Fourth Paradigm (a look at the field of data-intensive science)

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  1. Darren Monroe says:

    Hey this >> "Retail Idea for use microsoft tag to enable customers to enter feedback while in store" is an interesting idea!

    I am signing up to create a tag now.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Darren Monroe says:

    On second thought maybe not

    I can’t seem to make the BETA work for me. The signin system keeps having issues LOL

    Thanks for this post hopefully I can try this out

  3. i am following @msretail, getting great twits from it.

    Best Regards


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