Announcing 2 Webcasts highlighting Retail Solutions


Webcast: Maximizing the Lean Store Advantage with RFID


The recent economic crunch has decisively demonstrated that retailers need lean, on-target inventories to succeed in a changed marketplace. But simply slimming down product inventories isn’t enough. Retailers need similarly lean execution throughout their enterprises in order to reap the benefits of this new business model. This RIS News Web Connections seminar, sponsored by Xterprise, will demonstrate how item-level RFID solutions are transforming “the detail of retail,” making store operations more efficient and helping to ensure that leaner inventories don’t mean disappointed customers and lost sales.


Webcast: Deploying Kronos Workforce Management Solutions:

  Kronos Workforce Central is one of the most widely deployed solutions used for employee management in nearly every industry. Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database software to power Workforce Central lets you take full advantage of the capabilities of Workforce Central, and you can use the built-in data mining capabilities and reporting features in SQL Server 2008 to gain insights into your labor force that were previously hidden. In this webcast, we discuss why SQL Server 2008 should be your choice for deploying Kronos, and we talk about some of the technical considerations for deploying Workforce Central using SQL Server 2008.


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  1. zukario says:

    Thanks for this blog post ShiSh.For your information now my country are trying RFID system too in the military stores.

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