SharePoint 2010: Developer Platform White Paper

Just released, a great resource for retailers looking at using SharePoint as a developer platform: An Introduction for ASP.NET Solution Architects by David Chapell. This white paper provides an overview of the SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform for ASP.NET developers. LINK

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  1. Andym09 says:

    The popularity of SharePoint continues to amaze me. SharePoint is a platform for building applications as well as an application itself, but its platform aspect hasn’t gotten as much attention. At least in part, this is because the SharePoint development environment hasn’t been as easy for .NET developers to use as it might have been.

    Yet a SharePoint app is fundamentally an ASP.NET app, so the two worlds have a good deal in common. With the 2010 release, Microsoft has put a significant amount of effort into making SharePoint a better development platform for creating what might otherwise be straight ASP.NET applications.


    <a href="">Andy</a&gt;

  2. zukario says:

    To be honest i have not using sharepoint software before it is good?What i heard from Andy is this software is more difficult to use for website developers then i wonder what is sharepoint benefit its users?

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