Centralizing and Sharing Business Intelligence


This technical white paper features the Microsoft CBI (Consolidated Business Intelligence) portal as the context to discuss how Microsoft IT uses Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft business intelligence products to help business units within Microsoft to make better and faster decisions. Although Microsoft CBI is an internal Microsoft solution, the underlying technologies and products are publicly available to customers who seek to achieve similar results. These results include improving business insight, accelerating shared business processes, and connecting people with business-critical information in one central location through a standardized user interface that is customizable according to personal preferences.

The Microsoft CBI portal gives Microsoft employees and decision makers a single, personalized location with one enterprise report catalog to access standard and ad hoc reports, scorecards, and other business intelligence components. The Microsoft CBI portal enables business units within Microsoft to streamline reporting and decision-making processes as well as share business intelligence across the company in a more secure and efficient way. Additionally, it enables close collaboration with business partners and vendors that work with Microsoft on strategic and business-critical projects worldwide.

Download the technical Whitepaper at: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb735122.aspx

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