Blog Publishing

clip_image001This morning, I was excited to hear that Kindle Publishing is now open to all blogs. I tested out the beta at and found it very simple to use. All I had to do was create an account, and enter the details of my blog including the feed, thumbnails and a description. Amazon will make the blog available in the Kindle Store within 48-72 hours. According to the site, you will get paid 30% of the monthly blog subscription price for every subscriber to your blog and it also says in an FAQ “Amazon will define the price based on what we deem is a fair value for customers”. It also appears that you can’t make your blog free if you chose to, and I certainly hope that changes. In addition to making your blog available to Kindle users via the Kindle Store there are other options that I have been experimenting with to make blog updates available through other media.  This blog is now available as a kindle download via the Kindle Store.

The ShiSh List

clip_image003Magcloud is another option that I am experimenting with and can be viewed as the future of magazine publishing. Magcloud is the option for the rest of us that don’t use Kindles. Paper still holds its magic for many of us that refuse to be drawn to reading off a screen. You can create an account at and register your blog to be available for conversion to a printed magazine. I tested this out by exporting my wordpress blog out as XML and then converting the articles to a PDF file using . It’s a fairly simple process of uploading the PDF to Magcloud and making it available for subscribers.


clip_image005I also use to automatically twitter my blog posts out to the twittersphere. This is an excellent way to notify people of blog entries and also to automatically twitter RSS Feeds from multiple blogs to your twitter account. I also use this for my group twitter account where several of my team mate’s blogs are automatically twittered through a single twitter account. Between these methods and RSS Feed Syndication using services such as , there are several ways in which you can make your blog available across different social media.

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