Reducing Paper usage at the Store

I have been exploring several solutions that would enable retailers to reduce the usage of paper at the store level. Retailers can opt in for several solutions that include Digital Receipts, Digital Coupons, Digital Shopping Lists and so on.

I've seen several solutions that address Paperless Receipts and recently heard about TransactionTree at the NRF Expo. The TransactionTree Solution enables retailers running a point of sale system to provide an electronic proof of purchase. The application captures an image of the paper reciept and emails it to the customer. In addition, it also makes it available through TransactionTree's NoMo Paper web based portal.

Another solution that I have been exploring is the Digital Receipts Platform from Third Solutions. The Digital Receipts network provides the tools and documentation necessary for Point of Sale and online shopping cart developers to quickly update their solution to start generating and storing digital receipts using the ARTS Digital Receipt XML Standard.

The ARTS Digital Receipt standard is the result of a two-year effort by retail and technology industry leaders.  The Digital Receipt Alliance -- whose members included Office Depot, Home Depot, VISA, NCR, HP-Verifone, Intuit, Microsoft, America Online, and Valicert -- initiated work on this effort.

There are several solutions out there that work with the Digital Receipt Standard and I'm curious about actual implementations by Retailers.

I have talked about Digital Coupons and Digital Shopping lists (also this) in previous posts and think that these and other solutions can help further green the retail store environment.

Interesting Solutions to enable retailers to reduce paper at the store:

  1. CellFire - Digital Coupons
  2. Knotler - Mobile Shopping Lists
  3. Ikan - Automated Grocery Lists
  4. Transaction Tree - Digital Receipts
  5. Digital Receipts Network - Digital Receipts
  6. MediaCart - Computerized Shopping Carts can provide marketing and promo info on screen

Check out other ways that Microsoft can help retailers achieve their green goals:

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