Microblogging/Twitter in Retail

Press releases, Company Sites, White papers are great forms of communication but Microblogging stands out when urgency and time sensitivity is of the essence. Many people use Twitter for business-to-business communication, and retailers are also experimenting with consumer-focused communication; aside from the cost of labor involved in posting, the service is free.  For example, Whole Foods uses Twitter to inform users about promotions, enabling users to receive updates in real time. Whole Foods not only has the Twitter presence but also has a presence in Facebook and a blog.

Some of the ways to use Microblogging/Twitter for retail:

  • Product Recalls

  • Share information including Promotions, Press Releases

  • Creating a community and having a dialog with customers

  • In Store Discounts/Promotions

  • Respond to Complaints before they snowball by mining blogs and microblogs

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