Self Checkout vs Registers

As we explore more efficient ways for the customer to be in and out of the store as quickly as possible without losing out on customer touch, customer centricity and cross-selling we have been looking at several technologies for self-checkout ranging from RFID to MediaCart.

Self checkout systems are revolutionizing the retail industry. Self checkout systems enable retailers to be cost efficient and give the shopper a better shopping experience. This can lead to more profit for the retailer and lower prices for the consumer.

In my meetings with retailers there has been always been a heated debate about Self Checkout vs Manned Registers. I personally prefer the self checkout since I can be in and out of the store quickly. It was interesting to find what other people thought via Gizmodos Question of the Day today ... Check it out at : .. but I suspect that the demographic that reads Gizmodo most likely will lean towards Self Checkout :).

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