Creating SMS Campaigns

I tried out today and think its a neat little application for creating quick SMS campaigns. You can tag items in the physical world and create badges like the one you see alongside and have people text in a key word for more details. For instance, if you text the word SHISH to 82442 you will get details about my blog. Think about that in terms of a product campaign, a banner ad or even subway ads. I could potentially have a badge like this one on a car or house I'm selling and have people text the keyword to get more details of the product/service.

When you sign up at, you can

  • Create a standard SMS campaign
  • Send any web content instantly to your mobile
  • Subscribe to news feeds and get the data on your mobile
  • Advertise
  • Make money by publishing with tagga tools on your website
  • Follow other fellow taggers

This is an interesting concept for retailers, manufacturers to quickly create a campaign and reach out to customers. I also see this as a possible way to advertise my product/service at events/conferences. I could potentially have a link to my product or company profile made available to people using a code they text over to 82442.

Shoppers could also potentially use this service for instant in-store discounts by downloading a discount code at specific time.


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