Employee Retention and Transparency

Organizations talk a lot about how important their employees are and the contribution they make to overall success. This obviously means that employee retention is one of the key priorities. 

To bolster productivity and a more engaged workplace, leaders need to foster a transparent and open environment where employees feel like they are on the inside track, according to the Deloitte 2008 Ethics & Workplace survey.

From the Deloitte Press Release:

"... This year's survey also reveals that there is a strong relationship between greater openness and transparency by leadership and ethical behavior at work. In fact, 84 percent of respondents agree that openness by leadership contributes to a more ethical workplace culture. Moreover, 68 percent said it would create a more values-based organization. ..."

Internal blogs by management can be an excellent way to have transparency in the workplace. Executive blogs can be a means of communicating information through the organization from each Executives perspective and engage employees in discussion and feedback.

Whitepaper: Using Blogs and Wikis in Business

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