Automated Grocery Lists

  Here is an awesome device that can change the way we create grocery shopping lists. With the IKAN device you can scan the UPC barcode of a product (say for instance ketchup) when it is finished. The scanned product automatically ends up in your online shopping cart. You can access your shopping cart online and complete the order. The Ikan Wireless Scanner will build a perfect shopping list for you to submit to your preferred retailer or to print and shop for groceries yourself in an organized and efficient way. A great time saving option as everything that you need to replenish is already in your shopping cart. The device also touts a voice recording feature for adding items into your shopping if they do not have a UPC (apples ...).

For those of us who still prefer a visit to the grocery store, Ikan devices in combination with Mediacart would be a powerful combination of capabilities that can change the way we do grocery shopping.

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  1. I have been exploring several solutions that would enable retailers to reduce the usage of paper at the

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