RFID to Improve Customer Service

I just read an interesting blogpost by Jose Feromoso about Hollola in Finland and how they use RFID to provide a great shopping experience. Sensors pick up the RFID as soon as a product is taken off the shelf. Screens in the fitting room bring up the items that you have in your hand as…


Managing your Social Network Status Messages using Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Messenger

Personal Status Messages (PSM) are an excellent way to keep in touch with your network. Facebook, Windows Live, LinkedIn and other social networks have Personal Status Message features that let you keep your network informed about things you would like them to know. In addition Microblogging tools like Twitter enable you to subscribe to tweets…


Assortment Planning Solutions for Retail

In the current economic downturn, retailers have been hit particularly hard. Retailers that continue to innovate and explore new opportunities in pricing, sourcing, inventory management and assortment management will position themselves to compete even more strongly as the economy recovers. Retailers can be far more competitive by consistently meeting customers’ changing expectations: A localized assortment…


Seeking Retail 4-5-4 Calendars built on Sharepoint

What is the 4-5-4 Calendar: The 4-5-4 Retail Calendar divides the year into quarters with the first and last month of each quarter consisting of 4 weeks each and the middle month of each quarter consisting of 5 weeks. Each calendar month begins on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. Each month has the…


Price Optimization Solutions for Retail

Retailers have begun to feel the effect of the weakening economy, as consumers are cutting back on discretionary spending. Most retailers acknowledge the strategic importance of pricing and its impact on the bottom line, but many lack the processes and tools to effectively manage price optimization. Retailers know that consumers respond to an effective pricing…


Costco Uses Virtualization to Save Space, Reduce Costs, and Increase IT Agility

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a major international wholesale distributor with revenues approaching U.S.$70 billion. The complexity of the Costco IT infrastructure has grown along with the business. In addition to the warehouses, the company maintains eight domestic and seven international offices, and the company’s worldwide network includes 13,000 HP Neoware thin client computers and nearly…


More on Proximity Marketing

I just got an email from Matt Gaines of ACE Marketing & Promotions Inc pointing me to some exciting stuff that they are working on in the Proximity Marketing Space. Ace Marketing & Promotions,  today announced that the Company has partnered with Macy’s in making the 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade the first interactive…


Proximity Marketing

Retailers have been exploring several technologies for proximity marketing within the retail store. This has ranged from using Text Messaging to using RFID. I came across an interesting technology (Thanks Marty 🙂 ) that I thought bypasses the challenges of Text Messaging (cost of text messages to the customer) and the infrastructure needed for RFID. …


11 years

Today, I complete 11 years in Microsoft and 4 years of this blog. Its been a long exciting journey that has never had a dull moment. In the 11 years, I have been in Program Management, Evangelism, Technical Management and currently in Retail Solution Specialization. My job has taken me around the world and exposed…


Interesting WPF Project for Retail by Conchango

Here is an interesting consumer application that Conchango built for Retail customers. Watch the video from Channel 9: Conchango and the Tesco project