Content from the BI Conference

Re-visit all the news, podcasts, webcasts, demos and other events at the first-ever BI Conference in Seattle, Washington via this link.

Some useful content for the Retail Industry:

  1. An all up BI scenario using multiple persona. This demo showcases several of the Microsoft products in the BI stack. CLICK HERE FOR DEMO
  2. Demo of new features in Excel 2007. CLICK HERE FOR DEMO
  3. Introduction to Microsoft BI. Watch this video to learn more about Microsoft BI and how it can help your organization. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  4. Business Scorecard Manager 2005. Test-drive the scorecard application that can help your people align actions and decisions with company strategy.  CLICK HERE FOR DEMO
  5. Business Intelligence On-Demand Webcasts. CLICK HERE
  6. Business Intelligence Whitepapers. CLICK HERE.
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