OTTO presents the next generation of online 3D shopping with Microsoft Windows Vista

Figure 1At the NRF 07, I got a chance to look at the OTTO Store Application, a virtual store built using  Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 and the .NET Framework 3.0 components: Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows CardSpace™. OTTO Store lets shoppers easily drag and drop items into a shopping cart, or zoom in to examine the details of a garment. Instead of browsing through static, thumbnail images of products, OTTO Store shoppers can quickly rotate through an animated 3-D carousel to browse the clothing catalog.

Case Study

Customers can download the OTTO Store application onto their computers and browse a range of branded apparel and accessories. OTTO Store offers functions that are not available or that are difficult to implement on traditional e-commerce Web sites, including the ability to see sets of clothing together, dynamically zoom in on image details, or easily access high-fidelity fashion videos.

OTTO Store also makes use of Gadgets for Windows Sidebar, which provides convenient access to key OTTO Store functions and information without having to open the full application. Windows Vista Gadgets are customizable mini-applications that offer easy access to frequently used programs.

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