Reference Application Pack for Supply Chain Management

Download the OBA (Pffice Business Application) Reference Application Pack for SCM. You can use this as an example of building OBAs in your own organization, or even use this as a starter kit to jump start building your own OBAs.


Traditional business applications do not enable collaboration across functional boundaries - which forces information workers to use personal productivity tools to fill these gaps in order to conduct business. This leads to a loss in productivity as users are forced to cross from one set of tools to another. Information workers need to bridge this divide in a way that is seamless, synchronized and secure. This requires a new breed of composite applications that can support cross-functional processes, and can be assembled from the collection of information assets that the business has already deployed. The 2007 Office System provides a platform for building these kinds of composite solutions, which are called Office Business Applications (OBAs). You can find here a reference application pack of an OBA for supply chain management (SCM), which covers various collaboration scenarios across organizational boundaries. The reference application pack provides details on architecture, development model and what the end user experience will be like.

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