CompUSA Gets a Business Intelligence Boost with ProClarity and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

CompUSA saw opportunity in the ability to be the first to recognize - and act on - fast-changing sales trends in the computer industry. The company required a data warehouse and BI system to link its disparate legacy databases, as well as a flexible, robust reporting system to provide analytics on a per-store, regional and national basis.

The CompUSA IT team chose a solution using the ProClarity Analytics Server, deployed in stores as a Web access thin client, and ProClarity Professional, which provides additional reporting functionality and is deployed in regional and corporate offices.

Store managers can now quickly find buying pattern trends and react in a timely way to this information. At the corporate level, a daily report that captures a half-dozen key metrics lets the company's senior management "closely observe the major drivers or our business. They are able to see relationships and margin-enhancing capabilities that they've never had the ability to see before.

ProClarity Case Study

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