Microsoft Executive Circle Resources for the Retail Industry

Microsoft has partnered with luminaries from academia and industry to develop exclusive thought-leadership and best-practice insights delivered through unique experiences, resources and connections :

Efficiency is Overrated
Delighting customers is just as important as streamlining processes.
Mixing Media: Adding the Internet to Your Marketing Mix
Tips for retailers weighing use of the Web to boost sales.
Retail Decisions: Investing in Processes
Three steps retailers can take to leverage demand intelligence, improve pricing and enhance customer collaboration.
Optimize: Delivering Corporate Citizenship
Balancing economic, social, and environmental responsibilities is vital to the bottom line—and contributes to it, as well.
Smart retailing
By confronting the challenges of consumer-facing technologies in stores, companies assess the impact of self-service devices and media screens.
Hidden revenue
With optimized and automated returns tools, retailers and consumer goods companies can turn the reverse supply chain into a powerful source of profit and customer satisfaction.
Express lanes
Woolworths South Africa upgrades point-of-sale systems and simplifies application deployment to boost customer service and streamline operations.
Regal Cinemas puts Windows on small screens
Entertainment group satisfies fans with ATM-like kiosks and pulls the plug on Linux-based POS systems.
No free pass
Cinema company finds integrated system beats Linux in TCO.
One Brand, Multiple Ways to Buy
Retailers are leveraging technologies in their stores to improve the multi-channel shopping experience.
Service anytime, anywhere
New mobile technology combines functionality and efficiency for a seamless shopping experience with back-office benefits.
Interpreting the retail workload
Modern workforce management solutions help retailers cut labor costs and boost employee satisfaction without compromising customer service.
Truth & consequences
An expert looks at the myths and realities behind RFID technology.
Flying High
Customer-centric IT gives low-cost airlines a big lift over legacy carriers.
Strategic Imperatives — Retail Stores Play Catch up in IT Race
Retailers are leveraging IT to profitably differentiate themselves from the competition—starting with the store itself.
Future-proof warehouse management
Smart warehouse management systems will play a critical role in helping retailers meet the future demands of both shareholders and customers.
An end to the identity crisis
Biometrics solutions aimed at preventing fraud are already a big business.
See me, feel me, touch me
Next-generation touch-screen kiosks can help retailers improve the speed and quality of service and deliver new competitive differentiation.
Fashion trend
Greater supply-chain visibility gives women’s fashion retailer Anne Fontaine up-to-the-minute information on available merchandise, pricing, and replenishment, and helps manage international expansion.
Smarter Operations Through Retail Analytics
Business intelligence software can charge up your retail bottom line
Strategic Imperatives — RFID: Hot or Hype?
Automated identification with RFID promises supply chain transformation, but what is the real opportunity and what pitfalls lay ahead?
War hero
Propelled by the DoD and Wal-Mart, RFID will change the supply chain as we know it.
Thinking big, moving fast
Competing against the big guys through better use of technology.
Smart Sharing
Connected companies prove that the secret to success is sometimes as simple as sharing.
Selling Smarter
In the face of growing competitive pressures, retailers are turning to new technology to create a more engaging shopping experience.

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