Integrating my smartphone into my day


I have been consciously finding ways of integrating my smartphone into my day. My typical day:

6:00am: Smartphone alarm plays my favorite tune to wake me up.

6:15am: I sync my calendar and corporate email and check to see what I have scheduled for the day.

7:00am: Working out at the gym, Im listening to a downloaded audio book on my smartphone.

7:30am: Im flipping through a magazine while I work out and notice an article about a startup. I want to checkout their website later today, so I take a picture of the URL and send it to myself via email.

9:00am: Im in a meeting and recieve a call from a colleague. I reject the call but send an instant message to him/her via MSN Messenger/Communicator on my smartphone.

12:00pm: Im out at lunch an see an urgent email from my manager. I respond to it right away via voice/email.

12:30pm: I walk back from lunch listening to my music collection/audio book stored on the smartphone.

12:40pm: Based on my presence information, Live Communication Server helped redirect a call to my deskphone, to my smartphone. The music is paused automatically as I take the call.

5:30pm: Heading out to the trails for a short after-work hike, I decide to check on the weather. I launch on the smartphone to get the forecast.

5:35pm: I miss the exit to the trailhead. I stop and check Pocket Streets to find my way.

6:30pm: While on the trail, I update my podcast on via smartphone. I also take pictures of stuff I see on the trail and post it immediately to my blog.



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