White papers about Microsoft technology in the Retail industry

It's a given that successful collaboration is essential to any well-functioning business enterprise, and that information technology has become one of its key enablers. Retail and hospitality enterprises increasingly recognize the importance of collaboration within their own organizations and with suppliers and trading partners. Collaboration is a means of creating efficiencies, empowering employees, and gaining a competitive advantage.

Microsoft is committed to helping retail and hospitality enterprises realize the benefits of technology for collaboration—enabling them to grow their businesses and become more agile organizations. The Microsoft collaboration strategy empowers employees throughout the enterprise to connect with the people and information they need to do their jobs. These resources provide employees with the capability to respond immediately to business needs and opportunities. Connecting people to people and people to information, when and where they want it, and in ways they can make the best use of it.

Link to Whitepapers about Microsoft Technology in the Retail Industry

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