Windows Embedded in Retail

Retail technology is evolving from "point of sale" to "point of service." The key difference is that point of service—the new POS—greatly improves customer service with self-checkout counters, information stations, food ordering kiosks, and more.

To support retailers and their original equipment manufacturers, Microsoft has developed an operating system tailored for retail POS systems: Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service. Windows Embedded for Point of Service is an easier POS platform to set up, use, and manage due to a standard platform, Plug-n-Play support, and familiar management technologies.

Case Studies:

  1. Hollywood Entertainment: Hollywood Video Rolls Out 15,000 Terminals with Windows Embedded for Point of Service.
  2. Virgin Megastore: Virgin Megastores Opens Music and Video Vault to Customers with New Digital Kiosk


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