Windows Live Local Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook (Beta)


Map your appointment and meeting locations directly from within Microsoft® Office Outlook®. Get driving directions, print detailed maps, find optimized trip routes, and estimate travel times. Receive reminders based on the estimated travel time. Even save details to view when you’re offline.

Send Outlook appointment location details to others—even those without the add-in.

Quickly locate restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, gas stations and other points of interest near your meeting location and map the best route.

Comments (1)

  1. ijudd says:

    Have you actually tried to use this feature. My first experience trying to find locations in london even tube stations is that its completely awful. It couldn’t find anything!

    You cant even get the map for just the location to be linked to your appointment it forces you to go for all the directions and travel time which are not very good and only do for cars not public transport which is how the vast majority of londoners get into and out and around london!!!!

    It was a complete waste of time. Really wish I could get this msg accross to someone in the dev team for this addin. So they could try to address all these failings.

    Currently for london its virtually unusable and useless.


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