RFID successes highlighted at Mobile & Wireless World

Interesting look at possibilites for theft prevention of mobile devices in Retail Stores:

"... Another IT manager, Schon Crouse, mobility integration analyst at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, said in an interview that laptops with embedded passive RFID chips are being purchased from Dell Inc. and slowly deployed to more than 1,000 hospital workers. One of the first applications, for tracking and preventing theft of the laptops using the tags, involves exterior doorways in the hospital complex that lock when a laptop is brought nearby. The concept is under development and has not yet been proven, he said. ... "

A BP & Wal-Mart sales example:

"... BP is also seeing a 15% increase in retail sales of five-quart motor oil containers shipping with passive RFID tags. The containers are sold exclusively at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. retail outlets in Texas and several nearby states, Smith said. The improved sales come from BP's ability to accurately track that shipments actually arrive at a store, as well as its ability to ensure that the products are in stock on the sales floor during promotions instead of on a loading dock or in transit, Smith said..."

From ComputerWorld

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