Podcasting via Phone

I think podcasting via phone has a huge potential for communication in situations where access to PCs in limited. In my personal pursuit for adventure I can see it useful for blogging while out hiking the cascades, riding the RSVP to Vancouver, sailing in the sound ... pretty much any situation where I want to record and share my observations but lack a computer.

In the enterprise space, when I look at the typical Retail Store, we have a situation where there are a few computers in the back room that the Store Associates can share. Podcasts could be a means by which HQ could send out communiques, corporate messages, training and briefings. The Store Associates could subscribe to specific feeds based on their role and download it to their smartphones, pocketpcs or other portable media devices. The ability to create the podcast via phone means that the store manager could for instance create the podcast content while he is on the road or driving to work.

I just created a demo of Podcasting for Communique's/Training using GCast. You can create a similar app using the following steps :

  1. Create an account at www.gcast.com
  2. Call 1-888-65-GCAST and supply your pin. Speak/Talk/Whatever. Select Publish. This will publish the podcast.
  3. Use your RSS Feed URL and add it to Outlook 2007 (or other RSS Reader) to subscribe to the feed. When new feeds arrive you can choose to play from within Outlook or download to smartphone/pocketpc/portal media player.

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