Retail Industry Whitepapers on MSDN

RFID in Retail: This white paper provides a general introduction to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, and discusses the benefits and challenges of this technology for organizations that are involved in the production, movement, or sale of retail goods.

Gaining Supply Chain Efficiency Through Global Data Synchronization: This article examines how the trading of item data and the ordering of trade items in the supply chain can be made more efficient by integrating processes and systems, and by leveraging standards.

Building Rich Interactive Kiosks: This paper provides an overview of the new technologies in Windows Vista that will be of benefit to developers in creating the next generation of rich interactive retail kiosks.

Securing the Retail Store Series: This three-part series discusses the Microsoft vision of retail store security. It provides a technical roadmap to achieve this vision, and discusses the alternative solutions where infrastructure, cost, and complexity constraints exist.

Identity Management in Retail and Hospitality: This article introduces automated identity management (IDm) through solutions such as Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS). It focuses on how these solutions can address the needs of the Retail and Hospitality industries in particular.

Microsoft Smarter Retailing Architecture Whitepaper: Microsoft has created the Smarter Retailing Initiative (SRI) to help enterprise retailers differentiate themselves from their competition by the raising the level of value they deliver to their customers. This white paper provides a high-level overview of the functional and technical architecture that underpins Smarter Retailing. It describes the value that this architecture can provide for retail IT organizations and independent software vendors (ISVs). It reviews the Microsoft® technology that underlies the architecture and defines an Interoperability Framework to help applications integrate more seamlessly. Last, this white paper reviews the key implementation considerations for bringing this architecture to life through deployment within a retail enterprise.

Microsoft .NET for Retail: This 16-page document looks at how Microsoft .NET can help retailers. .NET is the Microsoft Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software.

What Microsoft's release of SQL Server 2005 means for retailers: This report, written by Paula Rosenblum, director of retail research for the Aberdeen Group, looks at the importance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to the retail industry. SQL Server offers multi-terabyte scalability; an integrated, easy-to-use tool set; attractive total cost of ownership; and a growing list of software partners. The product's price/performance ratio could well be game-changing for retailers who greatly need advanced planning and replenishment and better business intelligence to improve their in-stock position without sacrificing merchandise turn.

White papers about Microsoft technology in the Retail industry


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