Executive Dashboards

Ive been doing some research on Executive Dashboards today and came across quite an array of interesting information. Im building a proof of concept dashbboard using Sharepoint 2007 and was exploring the possibility of using some of the gauge controls provided by Dundas. I found a pretty detailed whitepaper on creating a Sharepoint webpart using Dundas. Click here for the link. I also found the DashboardSpy quite a an extensive source for Dashboard samples and implementations. Another approach Im exploring for an executive dashboard is using Ambient Devices. Ambient Devices are a new genre of consumer electronics, characterized by their ability to be perceived at-a-glance  (also called "glanceable"). Ambient Devices of Cambridge, MA, released their first product Ambient Orb. The Ambient Orb maps information to a linear color spectrum and displays the trend in the data. Present day computer technology, including PDA’s and cellphones, utilize only a fraction of our sensory and cognitive capabilities. Ambient devices elegantly embed digital information into the objects and environments that surround us. These displays are in the form of sound, air pressure, motion, light, smell, and other media that complement the full range of our human sensory modalities. They exist in the periphery of our senses, where they provide continuous information without being distracting.

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