UMPC: an awesome tool for Store Associates

The Ultra-Mobile PC is a new kind of computer. It combines the power of Windows XP with mobile-ready technologies that make it easy to access and use your software on the go.

With small, lightweight, carry-everywhere hardware designs, you can connect and communicate, accomplish any task anywhere and at any time, and be entertained and informed wherever life takes you.

I can see several uses for the UMPC in a retail store. Checklists that need to be filled up during a store walkthrough could be filled up by a Store Associate carrying an UMPC and using an offline Infopath form. Store Associates could also use UMPCs to look up inventory information and additional details about products. Store assciates and managers could be always connected and at the same time be with their customers on the store floor.

Comments (3)

  1. UMPC Buzz says:

    The Shish List provides a different usage scenario for UMPC systems.

    I can see several uses for the…

  2. MemphisIS says:

    Stick a wireless router in the backroom with a gateway to the internet and a product not available in the store, but available on the company’s web site, could still be ordered for pickup in the store or shipped directly to the customer’s home.

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