Wal-Mart details its RFID journey

One of the ongoing projects in the proof-of-concept phase, which is still under way, involves adding sensor tags to perishable items such as fruit. With a special tag, Wal-Mart can track just how long a crate of bananas has been in transit and can ensure that it’s sold when the fruit is ripe. That means the company does not have to discount the fruit as often or toss it out altogether.

Collaboration with the partners using RFID data is key, especially with promotions that rely on time-sensitive goods. Wal-Mart can look at the sales of a given item, store by store, and determine whether something didn’t sell well because it wasn’t on the floor on the best day of the week or timed with an advertising campaign. That makes it incumbent on Wal-Mart to sit down with its partners and plan how best to move products.

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