Useful Office Addins

Parcel Tracker for Outlook

This is an awesome addin for Microsoft Outlook that automatically synchronizes an appointment item with a shipping service enabling you to track your package delivery / status directly from the Outlook's calendar. Parcel Tracer tracks the status and delivery of UPS and FedEx shipments using the Outlook calendar. You provide Parcel Tracker with your tracking number and it will create an appointment item based on the date/time of either the estimated/scheduled delivery or the most recently activity. Parcel Tracker then automatically synchronizes the placement of the appointment item in the calendar with the shipping service every few hours to reflect the latest information.

File, Print FedEx Kinko's

File, Print FedEx Kinko's, the free download runs as an add-in to Microsoft® Office programs. It guides the user through choosing printing and binding options, pricing an order, and submitting that order online to any of the more than 1,100 FedEx Kinko's locations for pickup or for FedEx shipment to a destination of choice.

Although most businesspeople can benefit from such a solution, the real winner is the business traveler, for whom printing documents is often another chore at the end of an already long day—one more thing to do after the plane lands and before eating dinner, catching up on e-mail, or getting some sleep. The task grows more time-consuming when it includes finding the closest copy shop in a strange city and, if the order is substantial, returning later to pick it up.

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