Syndication Generator for Sharepoint

Last weekend,  I crewed on the Madrugador, a CAL 40, for the Winter Vashon Regatta around Vashon Island. Working with me on Spinnaker and Jib trim I met,  Maurice Prather, THE Sharepoint-Blogger. Then & there began my education on sail trim, tide action, sheet vs guy and BlogWave vs Syndication Generator for Sharepoint. Maurice was so enthusiastic about his Syndication Generator that I decided to test drive the next day. The install process was extremely smooth and easy but of course this is a server install unlike BlogWave, so you do need appropriate rights. Within minutes I was able to syndicate several of my Sharepoint lists. I can now see why this seems like a really neat tool. I can now monitor my sharepoint lists and sites using an RSS aggregator. AWESOME JOB MAURICE ... you got a fan!!!

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