Linking Sharepoint Calendars to Outlook using Stssync

I work with several virtual teams and each one of them has a collaboration site built on WSS. Each of the teams have calendars for meetings, deadlines and other team events. I find the Link to Outlook option extremely useful in such cases, to help me view all of the calendars adjacent to my personal calendar in Outlook. To help encourage your peers to use this feature, you can send them a link using the Stssync protocol. When your peers click on the link, they will be prompted to allow adding the link to their outlook calendars. The format for the Stssync protocol:


Click here for details of the parameters

I normally use a Click Here text in my email and hyperlink it to the stssync url. An example :


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  1. Sam says:

    I am using Sharepoint to integrate Sharepoint contacts with a different applciation like VB.

    Can I use Stssync protocol for doing this ? If so can u pls. provide me the details as to how this can be acheived.

    You can mail me at

    Thanks in advance,


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