NOAA WebService #1

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using my spare time (I call lunch break my spare time) to write an application against the NOAA WebService. Earlier this year, NOAA made the data available in XML as a test, called the National Digital Forecast Database. Now anyone can get information in an XML format directly from the National…


Syndication Generator for Sharepoint

Last weekend,  I crewed on the Madrugador, a CAL 40, for the Winter Vashon Regatta around Vashon Island. Working with me on Spinnaker and Jib trim I met,  Maurice Prather, THE Sharepoint-Blogger. Then & there began my education on sail trim, tide action, sheet vs guy and BlogWave vs Syndication Generator for Sharepoint. Maurice was so enthusiastic about…


Managing your day with MapPoint

Several years ago I worked on a demo that used MapPoint for scheduling. The concept was to import a list of contacts/customers into MapPoint and plan a route with my hotel/office as the starting point and end point, and the contact addresses being the stops. This generated the most optimal driving directions for me as…


2004: Year of the Blog

  BLOG noun [short for Weblog] (1999) : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer   Merriam-Webster definition   Merriam-Webster just announced that the word BLOG was the most looked up term on its website. Considering that the current estimates of the number…


Adobe Acrobat & OneNote iFilters for Sharepoint

Ive been setting up a Sharepoint demo and found the following useful iFilters for PDF and ONE files. If you want to search through the content in PDF files using Sharepoint, the iFilter at would do the trick. You would need to add PDF as a file type to be included in the content index for…


Programming for a 7 year old

I’ve been getting the feeling that my family is getting pretty geeky with being in close proximity to Microsoft, when my wife and I started communicating via email and IM … at home :). It took on a new level when my seven year old daughter sent me this email:   dad, i found your…


Working with Calendars

I found a pretty interesting tool called DateLens that is an excellent user interface for Outlook calendars. Its great for working with monthly, weekly or yearly calendars. The joint research between the university of Maryland and Microsoft Research can be downloaded from :


MSF with Sharepoint

I met up with BrightWork today to evaluate their solution BrightWork MSF. The solution provides templates/webparts for Sharepoint to help organizations manage project management processes using the Microsoft Solutions Framework.


Linking Sharepoint Calendars to Outlook using Stssync

I work with several virtual teams and each one of them has a collaboration site built on WSS. Each of the teams have calendars for meetings, deadlines and other team events. I find the Link to Outlook option extremely useful in such cases, to help me view all of the calendars adjacent to my personal…


lorem ipsum

I build demos of business solutions and frequently have to create documents or Sharepoint content with dummy text. For most prototypes, I sometimes resort to lorem ipsum text generators like this one : for generating text in several different languages. For standard lorem ipsums I also use : “…Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text…