Understanding Advanced Analytics to Build a Stronger Retail Customer Experience

Thank you for those of you that joined by webinar yesterday: I loved the engagement and questions that came my way. For those of you that missed the live session, we have an on-demand recording available. In addition, I have also posted my slides to slideshare. We also shared an Ebook that you can download…


We don’t need yet another App, Conversations are the new App

In my conversations with retailers, we have had discussions on better customer engagement and commerce anywhere using Mobile. In most cases, we have looked at mobile applications as the means by which retailers can engage with customers. However, the mobile landscape is teeming with retailer apps and utility apps such as Groupon, curated apps such…


Some Azure Case Studies in the Retail Sector

Company (Click on Logo for Details) Summary Use Case Nobody does it better" than secret agent James Bond. So it was natural that when world-class brewer HEINEKEN launched a global marketing campaign, it would partner with the Bond franchise. And when that campaign needed an equally first-class cloud platform, HEINEKEN turned to Microsoft Azure. HEINEKEN…


Data Marketing Conference / Slideshare for IoT & Marketing Session

The Internet of Things will enable us to get data & insights that was not available till now. It will trigger a massive influx of Big Data. This goldmine of data in conjunction with the proprietary, public and purchased data represents a turning point for marketing. I had the opportunity to discuss Iot and its…


Examples of Machine Learning Use-Cases of Relevance to Retail

Organization Link Description Use Cases http://bit.ly/1QcMS1z Why does one drink sell well at a location? Why do sales of six-packs spike the third week of the month? Why do water sales increase during the summer? Understanding the answers to questions like these is critical to business success for Arca Continental, which is the second-largest Coca-Cola…


Wind Alerts on Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band SDK gives developers access to the sensors available on the band, as well as the ability to create and send notifications to tiles. A simpler method with no development involved is the Microsoft Band Web Tiles. These allow developers to deliver information to the Microsoft Band from virtually any data source on…


Visualizing Foursquare Check-In Data using Power BI

The Foursquare API can be used for displaying interesting information for retailers that can include location data of their properties, proximity to competition as well proximity to public transportation, access to parking and a lot more. I have been using the Yelp API in the past for getting information but switched to the Foursquare API…


Executive Learning Lounge, Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Nov 3, 2015), join us for an interesting evening with Kate Kaye & Peter Fernando. We will be discussing Omni-channel strategies, Marketing Analytics, the internet of things and what it means for marketing, making use of diverse data sets for better understanding customers. I look forward to…


Interesting Examples of #IoT in the Beverage World

I’ve been seeing some creative ways that IoT has been implemented in the Beverage world. Since its Friday, and beer-thirty somewhere, here’s the list: AbInbev Bud-e Fridge Pernod Ricard’s Project Gutenberg SteadyServ Keg Rémy Martin CLUB Connected Bottle     I would love to hear about other implementations via the comments.