Windows Store App logo Maker


Make Logo (Icon) for Windows Store Application and Windows Phone 8 Application.

Support Language : Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Traditional Chinese

Now I made UWP logo maker for Windows 10 UWP ! new

Download :  UWP Logo Maker


Import Image

  • Image File Open
  • Paste via Clipboard
  • Drop Image File


How to use Image

  1. You can use 3 images
  2. You can add text.
  3. You can move image by image dragging with mouse. 
  4. You can change image and text size with mouse wheel.
  5. You can remove image with mouse right button down.

How to cut Image

  1. Select Wide or Square Thumbnail.
  2. Select pickup area with draggin area on image.
  3. You can move selected area
  4. You can set background color for image have transparent part.



Export Icon and Logo

  • Same folder of original file
  • Make folder on desktop for Clipboard Image



In Windows Store App Mode (Windows 8.1)

  • logo  ( 80%, 100%, 140%, 180% )
  • Small Logo  (  80%, 100%, 140%, 180% )
  • Splash Screen   ( 100%, 140%, 180% )
  • Srore Logo  ( 100%, 140%, 180% )
  • Wide310x150 Logo  ( 80%, 100%, 140%, 180% )
  • Square310x310 Logo  ( 80%, 100%, 140%, 180% )
  • Square70x70 Logo  ( 80%, 100%, 140%, 180% )

In Windows Phone 8 Icon Mode

  • FlipCycleTile Wide Icon
  • FlipCycleTile Midium Icon
  • FlipCycleTile Small Icon
  • Application Icon


Automatically decrease colors if icon size was larger than 200kb.


Release Note

  • UWP Logo 8/22/2015 Maker version 1.0 Logo maker for Windows 10 UWP.
  • Version 1.8.2    9/17/2014 Windows Phone SplashScreen Image base was changed from wide tile image to square tile image.
  • Version 1.8.1    9/17/2014 Support Windows Phone 8.1 140% Icons and Win8 LargeIcon select option.
  • Version 1.8    9/16/2014 Support Universal Windows Application and Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Version 1.7    7/13/2014 Support Windows 8.1 images. Auto file size check. 
  • Version 1.6.1    2/26/2014 Image size change. Enable to use 3 images and text. 
  • Version 1.5.2    5/29/2013 Support German, Traditional Chinese 
  • Version 1.5.1    5/28/2013 Support French 
  • Version 1.5    5/20/2013  Support Spanish
  • Version 1.4    5/6/2013   support Windwos Phone 8
  • Version 1.3    5/8/2013   change UI and application name
  • Version 1.2    5/3/2013   move selected area, background color
  • Version 1.1    3/29/2013  Wide and square area select differently
  • Version 1.0    3/29/2013  first release


Shinobu Takahashi

Evangelist  Microsoft Japan

Comments (16)

  1. billy より:


    Great tool, good job dev!

    For Windows Phone, can you please also add: Store Icon (300x300) and Store Background (1000x800), as these must also be uploaded on Windows Phone Dev Center. (Store Background is optional, but Store Icon is required)

    If you want to, you could also add four promotional images, that you can optionally upload on the Windows 8 Dev Center.

    The sizes are:

    Promotional 1: 846x468

    Promotional 2: 558x756

    Promotional 3: 414x468

    Promotional 4: 414x180

    That would also be very useful!

    Thanks a lot!

  2. t.masuda より:


    先日 Windows 8で使ってみたのですが、「アイコンの保存」をクリックしたときに、アプリケーションエラーで落ちてしまいました。どうやら、クリップボード関係のCOMあたりで落ちているようです。

    ツールを管理者権限で起動すると、ファイルに出力できるので、UAC 絡みかもしれません(私のPCでは、UACが有効になっています)。お手すきの時にでも確認をして頂ければ。

  3. Raymond Tsai より:

    Dear Masuda, I have been using your tool for a while. Great job!

    And as Windows 8.1 is having 310*310, suggest to add one output for Win8.1 Apps.


  4. Evan Basalik より:

    Hey Masuda,

    This is fantastic and is a huge time saver. Would you please consider adding a 160x160 size? The new AppStudio ( requires a 160x160.

  5. Xinyang Qiu より:

    I just used it, thanks, what a time saver!

  6. Ben より:

    This is a very good tool, thank you. Would you please consider adding Square150x150 and square30x30 size. It's seems to be required for universal windows store apps... The "badge Logo" is missing too but it's less important.

  7. Robert より:

    Thank you so much. This is amazing!

  8. Ashish Peter より:

    Thank you for creating such a useful application.

  9. pke より:

    could you please add support for high contrast logos?

  10. Robby より:


    Great tool. Maybe you can add the possibility to manually specify the background color hex code ?

    Thx !

  11. Nice Program より:

    Works on Windows 10!

  12. エイエヌソフト 永田氏 より:


    年末からUWPの勉強を初めて7本のアプリとゲームを公開したエイエヌソフト 永田氏と申します。




  13. Hassan より:

    I like Your Work .... im very impress this kind of software

  14. UWP logo maker allows adding more than one image - but the second image only appears in the Wide area (left).

    Also, if I have original for both Wide and Square, there's no way of using those together.

  15. U2Pas より:

    thank you for this tool !!
    In my package it asks also for this sizes, maybe it is possible to add:
    1240x600 (tile logo & splash screen)
    1240x1240 (tile logo)
    2480x1200 (splash screen)

    U2 Pas

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