[Course Guide] Developing Intelligent Bots from Zero to Hero

The course is about "Developing Intelligent Bots from Zero to Hero" and it's recorded in 4Afrika MVA Studio. In this post, I will be sharing all about the course; overview, slide decks and the links of the Q&A offline/online sessions that will follow publishing the course.


Throughout this course, you will learn how to Design, Develop, Test/Debug and Deploy/Publish intelligent bots using Bot Builder SDK (.NET), Azure Bot Service and Azure Cognitive Services.

Course Modules

1/ Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework

In this module, we will start from the zero point by understanding what the bot is and we will get started with Microsoft Bot Framework (Bot Builder, Bot Connector and Developer Portal) and Azure Cognitive Services (LUIS API).

2/ Closer look on Bot Builder SDK for .NET

In this module, we will have a closer look on the Bot Builder SDK for .NET by walking through Activities, Dialogs, FormFlow and State Data Management.

3/ Bot Patterns

In this module, we will move the focus to designing bots by covering 4 patterns (Task Automation, Knowledge Base, Bot to Web and Handoff to Human).

4/ Develop your bot using Azure Bot Service

In this module, we will walkthrough using Azure Bot Service to build, connect, test, deploy, and manage bots.


1/ Sherif El Mahdi

2/ Sara El Sayed

Watch the Coursehttps://aka.ms/botszeroheromva

Slide Decks

You will find the slide decks here: https://aka.ms/botdevslidedecks

Source Code on GitHub:

You will find the source code here: https://github.com/SherifElMahdi/botsfromzerotohero

Q&A Sessions

NA Yet!

Feel free to share it with your developer communities.

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