Excel Services: Charting and Visual Analysis

I have been extremely busy lately and haven’t been able to update this blog as much as I would like. However, I have been speaking with many of you frequently over the email. I’m glad I was able to help most of you out. Please keep the questions coming, I love hearing from customers. Excel…


Excel Services: Saving Workbooks back to the Server

Clients have recently asked questions about Saving workbooks back to the server. In Excel Services, there are several ways to save back to the server. However, the two simplest ways to do it are: Open in Excel (or Snapshot) using the Client, modify the file, and save it back to the server Write it back programmatically…


Excel Services: Snapshot vs Open in Excel – What’s the diff?

Let me begin by explaining the two concepts first. When you load a workbook on Excel Services, you are given two options to open the workbook on Excel. Snapshot: This provides users a copy of the workbook with all the formulas behind the numbers stripped out. Open in Excel: This provides users with a copy…


Excel Services – Only let them see what you want them to see

One of the most impressive controls that Excel Services offers its spreadsheet owners is the ability to limit which parts of the workbook are accessible through the server (IE, sharepoint, API, etc). This is an incredibly powerful ability, especially considering the environment where it is hosted (network). Why is this so great? A common scenario:…


Excel Services: Supported File Format and Features

By now, most of you have probably encountered the following common error while attempting to load legacy Excel workbooks (*.xls). If you didn’t, you must have read-up extensively on MSDN. (Congrats to you!) File Format  Well, the reason why this message appears is because you are attempting to Load an unsupported file format. Currently, Excel Services support…


Excel Services: A Good Read

For anyone who is interested in learning more about Excel Services, this is one of my favorite books (not only because it’s written by my colleagues):   I highly recommend reading this one!


Excel Services Trusted Location: Resolving a Common Issue

Excel Services is an enterprise-class application server that is geared towards performance, scalability, and security. Trusted Locations is one of the many excellent example of how Excel Services offer security when managing access to workbooks on the server. A Trusted Location is one of the following areas that contain workbooks in which the Excel Calculation…


How can a Stored Procedure help you?

I had an interesting discussion over lunch yesterday. Someone asked me to explain to them what Stored Procedures are and how their businesses could benefit from using them. Firstly, let me start by saying that I love Stored Procedures (sprocs). I developed Stored Procs for massive schemas at the Canadian Space Agency and they made…


Installing Excel Services on your Corporate Networks: Quick Reference

I have recently received countless request on providing more information regarding Excel Services installation on a Server Machine (Windows 2003). In this blog post, I will outline a quick overview of a Standalone installation for both 32 bits and 64 bits. A Standalone configuration implies that all the components of Excel Services are placed on…


Excel Services: Welcome to the future of spreadsheets

Excel Services is a brand new server technology that enables you to Load, Calculate, and Display Excel workbooks on an Office SharePoint Server. Excel Services is currently released with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  There are essentially two ways to interact with Excel Services: Through an interactive interface provided in the Web browsers API (Programming…