Excel Services: Charting and Visual Analysis

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Excel Services Charting vs Excel Charting: What's the Diff?

Excel Services Charting work very differently from Excel Charts. Excel Services Charts:

  • Load as PNGs (Pictures) rather than objects

  • Cannot be selected, moved, or created

  • Do not support pictures, or Objects on top of them

  • Do not support gradients

  • Most importantly, all 3D charts are down-converted to 2D charts

However, they do update based on the cell reference that was updated (via Parameters)

Example of a 3D to 2D chart conversion


What type of charts are Unsupported?

Surface Charts and Grouped Charts

Comments (3)

  1. dan wood says:

    I am working on a project that requires pulling the data from a spreadsheet cell and inserting

    That data into a document that can summarize each spreadsheet’s entry.

    The documents are procurement department Request for Quote spreadsheets that are emailed

    To potential suppliers, who then enter part number price information and return the speadsheets

    Back the procurement agent. If the Supplier is unable to provide a price quote, there is a cell

    Labeled Supplier Comments on the spreadsheet where the Supplier is to enter a reason for not

    being able to submit a price quote. For instance, ‘Unable to machine forged titanium’.

    These price quote spreadsheets are saved to one networked folder.

    I need to be able to pull the data from each spreadsheet to a summarizing document.

    Is it possible to pull data from spreadsheets in a central location like this?

    I would really appreciate any insight or information referral you could give me.

    Thanks, Dan

  2. sherder says:

    Hi Dan,

    This is definitely possible. Please email me.

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