A little bit about Me

I guess let me start by saying something about myself before I start rambling about all the cool stuff in Excel. My name is Sherman. I'm a Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) in the Microsoft Excel Team; a team that I am very proud to be part of. I started this position not too long ago, so I have a very fresh perspective on this product. Over the next few months, I will blog about my learnings and some cool tricks I would like to share with you about Excel.


I graduated from McGill University in Montreal (Canada) with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. Before then, I was studying Pure & Applied Sciences at Marianopolis College. I also completed thirteen years of chinese studies.

Work Experience

Before taking on this position at Microsoft in Redmond, I attempted a variety of internships and career paths. The thirst for Engineering began with my two summer internships at Pratt & Whitney Canada. My career began in the Satellite Operations department at the Canadian Space Agency where I was responsible for developing, testing, and releasing a real-time product structure oriented server-side application used for the maintenance and operation of the SciSat and RadarSat-1 satellites. This application was awarded a spot at the SpaceOps2004 conferences held in Montreal. After this, I explored the hardware industry at Matrox Electronic Systems as a FPGA-ASIC Validation Specialist, where I took part in designing, developing, and testing several medical imaging boards. Finally, I attempted to explore the Aerospace industry once again at CAE as a System Software Specialist in the Air-to-Air Tactics and Analysis division for the CF-18 aircraft; where I was responsible for developing and designing real-time embedded software for Missiles and GPS Navigational systems.

Presently, I feel that I have finally found the company that fits me best and provides me with the tools to build a strong and fun career. Based on the companies that I have worked for before, I really appreciate my career here at Microsoft. This is definitely the best company to work for.

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