IE8 JScript Debugger – Under the Hood

I have posted about the JScript Debugger Design for IE8 Developers Tools on the JScript Team blog (here). Hope it is nice read up for you. I would be writing more on Debugger very soon. Stay tuned.


JScript Debugger Functionality in IE8

Deepak, Program Manager, from our JScript Team has blogged here in detail about the functionalities the Script Debugger in the IE8 Developer Tools provide. He has also links to the other resources like white paper etc in his blog. This would be interesting read for all the web developers looking at in built script debugger…


IE8 Beta1 is available

IE8 Beta1 is now available here. It has remarkable script improvements in JScript performance. It also features handy JScript Debugger for developers. I will soon be writing more about JScript Debugger – what went into designing this debugger the way it is, features etc. So stay tuned. Mean while you can read up on what…


Debugging a script debugger

Its kind of pain to debug a debugger. One thing for sure. If you want to debug VS debugger for C++,C# etc languages then it would be bit simple(I think) as everything takes place in VS itself. So its just question of attaching to another VS which is kind of well established method here. But when…


Change in Blog Title

Since I am going to work on Jscript Engine now, the blog is no longer solely for Object Test Bench. Hence Changing the name. I would be involved in Jscript debugging support and Intellisense. So now on expect blogs on experience about Jscript transitioning, problems faced, how we overcome them etc as well here.