Debugging a script debugger

Its kind of pain to debug a debugger. One thing for sure. If you want to debug VS debugger for C++,C# etc languages then it would be bit simple(I think) as everything takes place in VS itself. So its just question of attaching to another VS which is kind of well established method here. But when…


Building 2 at IDC

The new building at IDC is ready and from monday it will be occupied. I got a chance to get glimpses of  the building. Its looking great. Amazing colour combination. I liked use of bright colours. It feels so much energized there. Cafe is almost same as Building 1 but then apart  from counters near…


Change in Blog Title

Since I am going to work on Jscript Engine now, the blog is no longer solely for Object Test Bench. Hence Changing the name. I would be involved in Jscript debugging support and Intellisense. So now on expect blogs on experience about Jscript transitioning, problems faced, how we overcome them etc as well here.


Getting rid of un-necessary rebuild messages while working with OTB

In VS2005, if you are trying to work with OTB and you think you are getting unnecessary rebuild messages or create instance in windows application is starting form itself, you can check Tools -> Options -> Project and Solution -> General -> Show advanced Build configuration. This should resolve all the above problems. Options.JPG


Interesting decision about the design

Recently Neela reported down one interesting issue. Consider a class class1 with following two methods: public void test(String str) public void test(String[] str) Now if user creates object of class1 (say object1) on OTB and then selects method test(String) from the context sensitive menu and enters parameter as ‘null’ what should we do. In normal cases call like object1.test(null) is…