Building 2 at IDC

The new building at IDC is ready and from monday it will be occupied. I got a chance to get glimpses of  the building. Its looking great. Amazing colour combination. I liked use of bright colours. It feels so much energized there. Cafe is almost same as Building 1 but then apart  from counters near wall they have come up with some counters in the middle of cafe as well. I am already happy with the cafe service here. We get so much of variety unlike so many other companies. Food quiality is much better. And now that cafe in building 2 would open from monday, it would give some more variety in the food. In all cafe is the place which will impress any visitor. There were ballons everywhere in the walkway between two buildings, some flowers decoration. and yummy cake. All in all it was looking very pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. Hope to see new faces, make new friends  now.

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