C# Language Chat next Thursday

Scott Nonnenberg is running another chat next Thursday. The theme is the language – come and ask your favorite questions about the language. More details are here. In general we schedule about 2 chats a month, and our attendance numbers show about 50-60 people attend. We like the openness of chats – is there anything…


C# favorite, must have tools…

I was recently going over our MSDN developer center page at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp and happened to stop by the tools page at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/team/tools/default.aspx I was considering how to update it, when I thought I would ask the community instead – are there new tools that you use, that arent on this page, that you think should…


Whidbey release info

This news.com article has info on our release plans. http://news.com.com/Microsoft+delays+tool%2C+database+updates/2100-1007_3-5628166.html?tag=nefd.top To summarize, VS 2005 & SQL 2005 are planned for the second half of the year.


Book Review: Take back your life!

Catchy title, eh? I gotta admit, when I first saw the title, I judged the book by its cover, and thought it was going to be some awesome revolutionary, fight the man, david vs. goliath, beat the corporate rat race sort of book. Then I received a copy and read its goal – using Outlook…


MS Web based RSS aggregator…

Just checked out the trial MS Web based aggregator at http://www.start.com/1/. Seems kind of neat and eliminates the need for me to run a client aggregator. Another cool spot I noticed is Microsoft Sandbox – a spot where early technologies are put up. Shaykat


McCabes Cyclomatic Complexity

This is a cool concept that Steve discussed briefly today. The discussion was around how to do code coverage effectively, and Steve brought up the idea of Mccabes cyclomatic complexity. This is basically a stat that measures the complexity of a particular function. It measures this by checking the number of branches in code. A…


February Community Technology Preview is out!

The Feb CTP just got released today. Its the Express SKU. This is a build from a source branch that we give to internal partner teams, so it should be pretty good quality. You can find it here. Again, this is express so it should be a quick install and download. Shaykat


Recruiting in C# land

I saw Erics post on recruiting in Movie Maker and felt the need to blog about our efforts in C# to recruit good people. We take this very seriously – good teams are an important ingredient in the making of good products. Our management prioritize recruiting very highly too and have recently gone all out…


Gmail invites – perhaps time to blog a question

So I use gmail. Its a nice email service – I like the autocomplete on address feature, but still not to sure about the sorting and the multiple steps to trash messages. Plus I just read an article on Gmail at http://www.google-watch.org/gmail.html which was thought provoking at the very least on email features. But I digress….


Customer question and a new release

First off – the new release. Vs7.0 SP1 is out. This is the SP for VS2002. It bundles a ton of QFE’s into it, plus security fixes. Man, we are happy to see this go. The security fixes on our end were difficult for us to do and its great to see this go out…