VS 2003 Tip #16: Free debuggers

Life at MS got busy all of a sudden so as a result I blogged less this week. To continue on my last post, the free debuggers we provide are Dbgclr and the command line cordbg. Windbg with sos.dll is a great third one too. The advantages of these debuggers is mostly their lightweight size….


VS 2003 Tip #16: Part I – Free debuggers

Quick – what are the two free managed debuggers that you can get in Everett (not counting VS 2003)? And if you do know the answer (which I’m fairly certain most do) why do you use them over VS 2003? Let me know what scenarios or why!


VS 2003 Tip #15: Attaching devenv to a process from the command line.

Ziv posted: “I’ve often wondered how to do the equivalent of “windbg -pn ProcessName” in VS.NET. Is it possible?” I dont know of a way to attach a devenv via a command line to a process by name, but I do know how to do it by Process ID (PID). Just run the following command…


VS 2003 Tip #14: Impress your friends with these two arcane tips :-)

Todays tips are more on the arcane side, but when used effectively at a demo, will elevate you to a semi-godlike status in they eyes of the audience:-) The first deals with attaching to an application to debug it. Sometimes you need to attach to an app to debug it. So you go to Debug.Processes,…


VS 2003 Tip #14: What are the requirements to debug a managed application?

Every now and then we get a question about debugging managed code with Visual Studio. It is a little confusing so I thought I’d shed some light on it in this post. A canonical example to use here is where you have a web server on some remote machine running ASP.NET code. Something goes wrong…


VS 2003 Tip #13: Getting a connection string quickly

Often I will be writing some quick code to access a database, and I’ll need to add a connection string to get this. Heres a quick way to get the connection string using VS: Open Server Explorer. Right click on Data connections and select “Add new connection”. Pass the information that you want to connect with…


VS 2003 Tip #12: Better view of data in the debugger windows

In VS 2003 we did some things in C# to make viewing of data in the debugger easier. The first problem we had was that if you expanded a type, in the watch window, you would get an unsorted list of members. This was a pain if you were searching for a particular member. So…


VS 2003 Tip #11: Autocomplete on new class creation

In Everett we made a small change to Intellisense to lessen the code you had to type. Often you will new up a class and write something like: Foo x = new Foo(); In VS7 you had to type out the whole thing. In Everett we had Intellisense pop up after the new, to autocomplete the class…


VS 2003 Tip #10: Run pre and post build commands from the C# projects

Vs7 customers complained to us that they wanted pre and post build commands that could be run from the project system. Its pretty reasonable to want to automate some tasks that you would do before or after builds, so in Everett we added this in. To get to this feature take any C# project, and…