C#’s Group Program Manager, Raj is blogging too!

My boss, the head of C#’s Program Management team, Rajpai is blogging here! Like Scott, Raj has a good idea of the broad initiatives of C#, what we want to do for the language and its customers.


C#’s PUM is blogging now!

Our Product Unit Manager, Scott Wiltamuth is now blogging here. Scott has been the PUM of C# since we started and has a great view of where we are going, what we do and our overall strategy. To put the reporting structure in perspective, Microsoft has 3 main silos of hire types- Developers, Program Managers,…


A 2 week snapshot of my MS life

Apologies for dropping out of the blogging world. Life got a little busy in C# land with us hitting ZBB and looking to wrap up Beta1 and looking to ship the Community drop. Oh and we did an Appweek. I love Appweeks. For three days we get a conference room far away from out building,…


And today we have selected blog reads by Dan and Shaykat…

Two days ago, Dan Fernandez, our marketing dude dropped by my office for a meeting. We got to joking around and in a flash of insight, I pulled up his blog and proceeded to read some of his blogs in my most plaintive, pleading voice. Luke was also in the office, and both Dan and…


Bug bounces

Our team is preparing for an upcoming ZBB or Zero Bug Bounce. This is where we try to get all our bugs opened 48 hours or greater fixed/resolved. This is a common good practice –  to try to get your backlog of bugs on the product down, as you prep to ship the product. This…


Random stuff

I’ve been a little busy lately with various things happening. The MVP summit happened earlier this week. I actually got to meet a couple of our MVP’s who I know by blogs/postings – Mahesh Chandramouli, Michael Giagnocavo, Nicholas Paldino, Mark Michaelis and Wally McClure among others. Wally described to me his Webspider app which he has…


C# Team Blog site is now up!

Check out http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/team/blogs/ to check out the rest of the C# crew’s blogs.


Release Program Managers in Visual Studio

On the C# team, I’m a Release Program Manager aka the “Box” PM. Release PM’s are different from feature PM’s in that they dont focus exclusively on a technology area (such as the debugger, compiler, IDE etc). They have a more global scope where they look to understand – When’s our product going to ship?…