How well do you think the C# team fares w.r.t community?

I took a break last week. Along with late night sessions upto 3am playing Halo2 co-op on legendary with my younger brother (we finished about 6-7 levels), I also thought a ton about the C# teams community effort. Last year, Eric did an amazing job in getting us more involved in the community. Some things…


A new improved Whidbey features document…

I dig working on community on the C# team. Raj my boss discussed me working on community about a month back in the wake of Erics departure and I happily accepted. It makes me really happy to put out content that helps developers be awesome. It makes me happy to chat with customers and make our…


Back to blogging

Funny how it goes. I’ve been away a while from blogging mostly working on other stuff and prioritizing my life around other work tasks. But recently, Ericgu left C# and I’m covering our community interaction. And I realize that I miss the interactions that I used to have through my blog, or the sheer pleasure…


Whidbey C# help documentation

Fredrik in an earlier blog post mentions that he got feedback on our blog that our documentation is poor. I’m currently in the process of looking over our C# documentation on the language, the cool new features in the IDE and the debugger. Do YOU feel the same? Let me know! I’d love to hear…


Whidbey Beta1 likes/dislikes?

So I’m back blogging, and its been about 2 months since we released Whidbey Beta1. I got to thinking – how have you figured out what new features we have in the product? Do you feel like there is good documentation – either in the docs or online about what the new features are? In…


I’m out all next week, have a great 4th of July

Vacation has rolled around. I spend this weekend at a pretty intense tournament and then take the rest of the week off to recover and vacationize. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!


C# Express Feature Set

I’ve seen a number of posts by people asking what features are/arent in Express. You can get the dirt at Luke’s blog here.


Whidbey Beta Tip#1 Addendum: C# Screensaver Starter kit is in Express only

Don asks whether the C# Screensaver starter kit is in the Express SKU only? The answer is yes. We werent quite sure whether to ship this in the SKU meant for professional developers so we didnt. What do you think? Should the SKU meant for professional developers (Ent Architect etc) have Starter Kits that are…


Whidbey Beta tip #1: Express SKU starter kits

One of the items we worked on for the C# Express SKU, was the Screensaver Starter Kit. To start it goto File->New Project and select Screen Saver. Once the project is open, we specifically open up a simple HTML file that will help out people who want this project. This is a buildable app, with…


I’m back blogging again.

Sorry to be away. As we kicked into the last months of shutting down Beta1 and planning Beta2, blogging fell to the bottom of my priority list. Sorry about that. Interesting things that have happened since: The PM team loves to call me the mundane one. See Boy did they have a field day…